Choose from among several naturally beautiful sites:

The Swannanoa River

The river provides its own music.  The trees provide the shade.

Far and wide, the riverside is our most popular selection.  Here we are capable of hosting up to 250 guests, depending upon the set up – of which there are four options.

 The site is wired with electricity should you choose for your officiant to have a microphone, for the DJ to provide recorded music or for the purposes of live musical accompaniment.

The Perennial Garden

Come June, July and August, the perennial garden explodes with blooms, creating a perfect backdrop for your outdoor ceremony.

Any time of year, this site can host upwards of 350 guests.  We’ll keep them cool under the shade of multiple lawn canopies, when necessary.

The Old Sycamore Tree

“A tree with strong roots laughs at storms.”

-Malay Proverb

For those couples who just ‘feel’ something in the presence of a wise and weathered tree, the old Sycamore may be the perfect ceremony locale.  A ceremony at the old Sycamore inspires all to – no matter how rough the rains or strong the winds of time – stand tall, burrow deep and above all never stop growing.

This gentle giant is surrounded by an old bell tower, the perennial garden, two ponds and an expansive green field over which the sun sets beautifully.

 This site can host up to 125 guests shaded by the tree alone.  For a guest list of up to 225, we create additional shade with our lawn canopies, when necessary.

The Annual Cut Flower Garden

Every year, we sow thousands of cut flower seeds that come to their full glory by early July. Standing about shoulder height, the flower garden is a lovely setting for photos and for the ceremony itself.

You may choose to face the North or the South, either way the blooms decorate the background.  You may meet in the center of the garden to make your vows, or remain on the edge. For smaller weddings or elopements, the center of the garden provides an intimate space for the whole party.

This site can host up to 400 people.

The Marrying Field

For couples who like the feel of a wide open sky where the future is theirs, the Marrying Field is a great option. It’s particularly beautiful in spring when the buttercups are blooming in the pasture next to it and in the fall when the mountains are golden. At all times the Craggy range of the Blue Ridge, forms the back drop. This site can hold up to 350 people.

The Deck

The deck of one of the houses overlooking the valley: For couples who have a small wedding and who are staying in the houses and want everything close by, or who have a winter wedding, the decks of some of our houses provide a great setting with the beautiful backdrop overlooking the entire Swannanoa Valley. This site is best suited for 42 or less guests.