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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

  •    •  FAQ


What is the contingency plan for rain and/or cold?

As of June, 2015, in over 600 weddings, we have had 33 weather related events. We have two back up plans: Plan B and Plan C. We’ve used Plan B 12 times in seven years and Plan C 21 times in seven years. Eleven of those twenty times were in 2013 between March and July 20, as this was the record wet year in Asheville for the last 40 years. So, overall, our statistics are pretty good. There are no guarantees with outdoor events, so it’s good to have an “It’s all good” attitude with a largely outdoor wedding. Here’s a description of Plans B and C. Plan B: Wait 15-20 minutes, wipe down the seats and get started late. We either keep the guests in their cars until ceremony start time, or invite them to the tent to begin cocktails, if that is your preference. Plan C: If we know that it’s going to rain for all or most of the time of your ceremony and early reception time, we just do everything in the tent. We make a central aisle on the dance floor. The carriage is covered and can still operate in the rain. In the case of the cold, we have tent heaters, patio heaters, and full set of sidewalls. The tent can get downright toasty if we use all three of these, plus body heat.

Where is parking?

When you arrive on site, you will see signage indicating the direction of housing and parking. On the day of your event, there will be staff members stationed at the entrance as well as in the Parking Field, helping your guests to park their vehicles.

Do you conduct more than one wedding per day or weekend?

We do not conduct any other weddings on your wedding day. The only exception to this would be an 11 a.m. elopement. This must conclude by 1 p.m. If it happens, usually the couple has not even known it was happening. If you do not wish for this to happen during your event, we can exclude this option in your contract. If you wish to insure that there will not be a Friday night wedding, assuming yours is on a Saturday, you can pay an additional amount $2000 to make sure this doesn’t happen. Typically, there’s about a 20-30% chance there’d be a Friday night wedding. You would hear their music. They would not hear you, were you to be at one of the houses, having a rehearsal dinner, for instance. Probably only about 5 people per year pay this additional $2000 and they typically do this because they also wish to offer a larger rehearsal dinner on site as well as their Saturday event.

Do you offer your services to people who are GLBT and/or members of faiths such as Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Judaism, Wicca, etc.?

Absolutely. We do not discriminate against good loving; and good loving takes many forms. We are here to serve you. Because we are consciously open and inclusive, we have a reputation for providing some of the best services in town. We understand multiplicity in culture and tradition; and our respect and our commitment to loving-kindness shines through in what we do.

Do you offer your services to people who are GLBT and/or members of faiths such as Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Judaism, Wicca, etc.?

Absolutely. We do not discriminate against good loving; and good loving takes many forms. We are here to serve you. Because we are consciously open and inclusive, we have a reputation for providing some of the best services in town. We understand multiplicity in culture and tradition; and our respect and our commitment to loving-kindness shines through in what we do.


Can we have fires on site?


There is an in-ground fire pit at the reception tent – we provide two bundles of wood and the staff to light and tend to a fire during your reception. This fire pit is not to be used by guests outside of the allotted reception time.

There is a fire bowl at the Field House – feel free to use this anytime during your stay and/or the after-hours party should you choose to have one following your event. There is also one located on the side lawn at the Craggie View house. We do not provide wood at these locales.

What time is check in? What time is check out? Is early check in possible?

If you are booked to wed on a Saturday, you may check into the houses at 2pm on Thursday. You are required to check out by 11am on Sunday.

If you are booked to wed on a Sunday, you may check into the houses at 12p on Sunday. You are required to check out by 11am on Tuesday.

For all other bookings, please refer to your contract.

Early check in is not an option as our housekeeping needs ample time to ensure that housing is in pristine condition for your arrival.

What is provided in the houses?

We supply sheets and towels for every bed, including pull out and roll away mattresses, as well as a starter kit of toilet paper and paper towels. Sheets and towels are left folded on the beds for guests to arrange. You may add housekeeping services to your contract if you would like to have the beds prepared in advance.

What do we have to do before check out?

Please strip the beds and place used linens/towels in the provided laundry basket. Quilts may be left at the foot of the beds.

Please turn off all lights, turn off the air conditioning and/or heating units. Close all windows. Please return all furniture or other household goods to their original locations.

Please place the trash and recycling in their respective bins near the barn on property.

How does the reimbursement for housing costs work?

If you want us to, we can place an invoice out for all or some of your guests who are staying on site. We give you floor plans and a housing assignment sheet and a photo gallery of the housing, to remind you which room is which. You tell us who stays in what room and how much you’d like to charge them. We recommend $70-$90 per ROOM, per night (not per person). This is a very reasonable rate as the least expensive hotels in our area tend to be around $115-$125 per night. Once we know who is residing where, we place an invoice out for each guest in an envelope marked with the name. They write their checks to our escrow account and whatever we collect for you, we refund to you. Some couples charge all of their guests, some comp some of the rooms. In the latter case, we can put out a note that indicates that nothing is owed, so that everyone receives an invoice but not everyone pays.

Is Hidden River handicap accessible?

Yes and no.

One set of event bathrooms has larger stalls with wall bars for grip. Those closest to the reception tent do not but we can transport anyone who needs assistance in the company vehicle or golf cart.

The Windsong house is equipped with a handicap ramp but the bathroom door is too narrow to be accessible by chair. The Field House has a step in shower and only three steps to the house itself. Craggie View and the White House are particularly difficult for guests with mobility issues.

We can assist any mobility-impaired guest to the ceremony and/or reception site using our property vehicles or golf carts.


When is the final guest count due and who is included?

The following information can also be found here, on the Planning To-Do List page.

It is best to have your final count finalized and submitted 4 weeks prior to your event date. The final count cannot be altered within 2 weeks prior to your event date.

The final guest count includes you, the couple, and your entire wedding party. Children 3 and under are accounted for but not included in the guest count.

What are the dimensions of the reception tables and how many people may be seated at each?

The reception tables are 60” rounds that sit at 36” high and comfortably seat 8 people.

Can we provide our own DJ?

The reception tables are 60” rounds that sit at 36” high and comfortably seat 8 people.

  1. The DJ plays a vital role in the flow of your event and, therefore, directly effects the level of personal satisfaction you feel with your the whole of your experience at Hidden River.  When this position is left in the hands of a stranger, our staff has too little control over the quality of that experience and, as such, we simply cannot leave this detail up to chance.
  2. Our lead DJ, Erik Mattox, is familiar with the power supply that spans all 18 acres of our property as well as the system set up that produces the best, most appropriate sound in our angular tent.  He is versed with the equipment and can quickly, effectively troubleshoot technical issues.  Lastly, he works regularly with our DOCs to consistently deliver the smoothest, glitch-free experience possible.  This level of familiarity is what allows us to maintain the utmost quality control.
  3. Erik is a fantastic DJ in terms of musical taste and access as well as professional and courteous MC manners.  He is 100% willing and able to accommodate you and your musical preferences.  We feel absolutely certain that you will receive all the care and attention that you need and that, ultimately, you will have a truly magical experience at Hidden River.

How much alcohol should I purchase?

To calculate the amount of alcohol you will need for your event, please refer to the drink calculator found here.

You may also contact Hunt directly at the Winehaus by calling (828) 254-6453. Please keep in mind your final order must be placed through Grace.

Can we serve hard liquor?

Yes. The following information can also be found here, on the Alcohol & Bar page

If you wish to serve liquor at your event, you will need to do the following:

  • Obtain a Limited Special Occasion Permit from the ABC Commission of NC.
    • To begin the application, start here. Grace will complete Hidden River’s portion of the application and deliver it to you via e-mail.  You will then need to fill out your portion of the application and send it to the Raleigh address listed on the application.  (Please note: the application must be notarized, be accompanied by a certified copy of the applicant’s criminal record AND be paid with a certified check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to NC ABC.  For your convenience, these instructions are listed directly on the application as well.)
  • Hire an additional bartender – the additional cost is $175.
  • Supply all of your liquor, mixers, garnishes, etc. Anything associated with liquor you will need to supply and deliver to the bar no later than 1pm on the day of your event. You are not required to set up the bar, the bartender will do so upon arrival.

We respectfully ask that you limit your liquor to one or two specialty drinks instead of holding an open bar. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it is in alignment with Hidden River’s philosophy of keeping event costs reasonable – an open bar becomes expensive. Second, our experience has taught us that people do not behave at their best when they have too much hard liquor in particular. We seek to support and encourage weddings that are conducive to self-respect, respect for others, and for the land. If you plan to have a complete open bar, we require that a deputy sheriff be present on your behalf, bringing the total extra costs to $500 (including the additional $175 for the extra bartender), plus your permitting costs and the costs of alcohol and accoutrements.

Can we provide our own appetizers and/or desserts?


You are welcome to provide food for your event. Please keep in mind that any food you provide needs to be ready to eat – our staff will not prep or plate anything that does not come from our catering vendors – and comes with all associated serving dishes and utensils. Lastly, we do not have hot/cold holding capacity for food that you provide.

What is the function of the carriage and golf carts?

Typically, the carriage picks up the bride at the bridal changing studio. The golf cart typically picks up bridesmaids and moms/grandmas who are present in the studio and takes them to the ceremony site about 15 minutes prior to ceremony start time. Once we know all are ready, the carriage leaves. The carriage tends to wait until the driver sees the last person walking to the ceremony site form the bridal party. That way the bride gets a nice entrance. During the ceremony, the driver of the carriage waits and then takes the couple away from the site for what we affectionately call the “victory lap” (a 10 minute ride around the property to catch your breath and snuggle as a married couple). Occasionally, people do not use the carriage at all and just use the golf cart, or they have the carriage to give rides to the guests. We also have another carriage (a surrey) that will bring bridesmaids to the ceremony site as well. There is an additional fee to add the second carriage. The golf cart is waiting in the parking area, on the lookout for guests who need help getting to the ceremony site and then the driver waits near the ceremony site, ready to carry folks who need it to the reception tent. The golf cart remains with the event throughout the night as a shuttle to the parking and bathroom areas.

What options do we have for an ‘after-hours’ party?

If you wish to keep the party going on-site, you may do so at the Field House (and ONLY at the Field House). Upon your request, Hidden River staff will deliver your remaining alcohol and/or food to the Field House where you are welcome to light a fire in the fire bowl. Please keep in mind that we are located within a residential valley. The neighbors have and will call the cops if the noise level is outrageous. No amplified or outdoors music is permitted at the Field House following the event.

Can we have a sparkler exit?


Metal sparklers are not permitted. You may use completely wooden/bamboo sparklers which you are required to provide. We have lighters on hand. If your guests are deemed too inebriated by the bartender or Day of Coordinator no sparklers will be permitted.

What time does the music have to end?

In order to abide by the sound ordinance, the music curfew is 10:30p on Fridays and Saturdays and 9:30p any other night. Guests must exit the tent no later than 30 minutes after the music ends.

Where are bathrooms located for the ceremony? For the reception?

If you should need to use the restrooms upon arrival or during the ceremony – there are bathrooms located next to the Field House, between the Parking Field and the ceremony sites.

During the reception – you may use the restrooms located in the gravel parking lot at the back of the reception tent.

Where does the Bride get ready? The Groom?

If housing is included in your contract, you have access to the Bridal Studio where the Bride and Bridesmaids typically get ready – often hair and makeup artists are called to this location. Typically, the Groom and Groomsmen get ready in the Field House. This is by no means how you must operate, however, and many times couples choose to utilize the White House for this purpose.

If housing is not included in your contract, you will be expected to get ready off-site. There are large bathrooms available should you simply need a changing space.

Do you provide ice?

Yes and No.

We provide ice for the event itself. If you have organized a rehearsal dinner on site or any other activities prior to the event, you are asked to provide ice for that should you need it. Likewise, you’ll be responsible for providing ice should you need it during the afterparty or a post-event brunch.

Do you provide or recommend an aisle runner?


We do not provide an aisle runner and, in fact, we think the lush carpet of vibrant green grass provides enough beauty for your outdoor ceremony!

If you are interested in having an aisle runner at your ceremony you are welcome to provide one. There are multiple options for lining the aisle as well – contact Grace about flowers and decor available to decorate your aisle.