The Provisions

Our 6,800 sf tent gracefully towers over a permanent concrete floor and feels much like an interior courtyard complete with a dance floor and illuminated by gentle lighting. Mobile vintage tin and wood partitions close off the space for smaller events providing an intimate setting, no matter the size of your guest list. Sidewalls and heaters keep the venue cozy in fall, early spring, and winter. The heavy fabric, an interior ventilation system, our temperate climate and steady mountain breeze keep you and your guests cool in the summer.

For every event, bar and buffet infrastructure are included as is the DJ booth, the cake table of your choosing and one, two or three old barn-wood farm tables upon which you are welcome to place your guest or memorial book, party favors or other personal touches you’ve decided to include at your event.

The table layouts below reflect the exact set up for your reception, according to the size of your guest list. The entrance to the reception tent is located to the bottom left of each diagram, between the one farm table to the right and two farm tables to the left.

Note that when the guest list exceeds 152, one farm table is relocated outside of the tent to best utilize the space inside.  When the guest list exceeds 232, the bar is relocated outside of the tent and sheltered by a tent of its own.  If the guest list exceeds 250, a separate tent is rented and incorporated into the existing infrastructure in order to more comfortably accommodate your guests.

You are welcome to use these diagrams to plan for and organize designated seating, placement of table numbers, etc.

The Bride & Groom’s Table

You, the couple, have the option of sitting amongst your guests at either one of our 60″ rounds or at a head table reserved for your wedding party and/or closest friends and family members.  You also have the option of sitting separately at our Sweetheart Table reserved for two.