Your Wedding Day

The Day of Coordinator

As is true about our photographers and DJs, the Hidden River coordinators compile a small group of caring, attentive and masterful individuals eager to go above and beyond curating a beautiful, loving and stress-free experience for you on your wedding day.

Your protocol will indicate which DOC will be present for your wedding day and his/her contact information as well.

On your wedding day:

  • The DOC will arrive on property by 11am.
  • The DOC will remain on property throughout the entirety of your event.

The DOC is responsible for managing several aspects of an event simultaneously:

  • It is the job of the DOC to ensure that all personal details are in order – every decision you have made in tandem with Grace through your initial contact, through the planning site and through the protocol is communicated to the DOC several weeks prior and is fully, physically manifested several hours prior to your ceremony start time.
  • It is the job of the DOC to direct and delegate Hidden River staff during your event and maintain communication with Hidden River vendors as necessary throughout the day.  Support staff and vendors will arrive 1-2 hours prior to your ceremony start time.
  • It is the job of the DOC to be always available and accessible for you, the couple, as well as your friends and families should you have any questions, concerns and/or last minute needs on the day of your wedding.
  • It is first and foremost the job of the DOC to ensure that you, the couple, feel as much like cherished guests on the day of your wedding at Hidden River as your friends and families will for the duration of their stay.

Guests who are staying at the Field House may park in the parking lot directly in front of the Field House.  Guests who are staying at the White House may park in the parking lot/driveway directly adjacent to the White House.

The first field you see upon arrival at Hidden River is the Parking Field which is reserved for guests staying at the Craggie View house, the Overlook apartment and/or the Windsong house.  1 hour prior to ceremony start time we station support staff at the main entrance who are responsible for helping your guests who are not staying on-site to park their cars.

When weather is clear and the ground is dry, a Hidden River staff member – on golf cart – will direct guests to park in the Parking Field.  This same staff member – on golf cart – will be available to shuttle guests that are mobility impaired directly to the ceremony site.

When the ground is too soft to park in the Parking Field, we operate on what we call ‘perimeter parking’.  Guests will be directed by Hidden River staff to park along one side of the main road with two tires on the shoulder and two tires on the gravel so as to avoid getting stuck while keeping the road passable.

Please note the areas where parking is never permitted:

  • At any of the ceremony sites
  • On any of the main roads
  • Between the barns
  • Behind the Reception Tent
  • In the driveway adjacent to the Bridal Studio, the Craggie View house and the Overlook apartment – this area is reserved for dropping off/picking up ONLY.

Assistance for Guests Who are Mobility Impaired

If your guest list includes people who are mobility impaired, please let Grace know the names of those people and whether of not they are staying on-site.  If they are staying on-site please also let Grace know which house they are staying in.  This information will be noted in the protocol and Hidden River staff will be available throughout the event to transport them from their house to the ceremony site, from the ceremony site to the reception site, to the bathrooms and or/back to their house if/when necessary.

Your Designated Representative

It is of absolute paramount importance to us here at Hidden River that we  do all we can to help you feel as blissful, relaxed and supported on your wedding day as possible.  As such, we highly suggest that you consider well before your event designating a calm, organized, trustworthy person to serve as your Designated Representative.

This person is one who is informed about your wishes for the day, about your general style and aesthetic.  This person will maintain a cool head in their position as liaison between you, the couple, and the DOC should any last minute needs and/or questions arise while you are otherwise engaged and enjoying yourself.

When you’ve made a decision about who this person is, please notify Grace and include their name and contact number.  This information will be transferred to the protocol which is then shared with the DOC.