How to include cuddly animals on your wedding day!

animals at weddings

How to include cuddly animals on your wedding day!

The newest Insta-worthy wedding accessory is not a bouquet bar or adult bounce house. The trendiest wedding accessory is animals on your wedding day! A fuzzy friend rented for the occasion adds smiles to everyone in attendance. As a result, cuddly critters from Llamas to entire petting zoos are on-trend for 2020. Imagine the comfort of walking out of the church to the big brown eyes of an awaiting alpaca?

llamas at wedding


Couples in the area have been fast on taking up this trend, renting the fully trained, totally professional, and extremely fashionable llamas and/or alpacas for their weddings. In addition, the animals bring a one-of-a-kind, interactive element their guests will never forget. Just imagine your wedding-sip champagne, pet a llama. Kiss your new spouse, then hug an alpaca. Likewise, think of all the Instagram ops of animals on your wedding day! 

Baby Goats

Baby goats at weddings are the detail you can not leave out. Whether it has a petting station at the reception or cocktails and baby goats, they are a wedding must-have. Your guests can sip their cocktails while holding precious baby goats. Imagine how memorable your reception would be?

Petting Zoos 

Why stop at just one type of animal? Ultimately, you should rent a petting zoo for your wedding. In between the ceremony and reception, guests can hold baby goats, feed chickens, or pet a mini horse. Petting zoos are not just for kids’ parties anymore.

Hidden River Events

At Hidden River Events, we have always been ahead of the animal trend. We have many cute and friendly critters roaming the property, always ready for a head scratch. We have Doctor Love, our horse that draws the surry carriage and our cute donkey ready to socialize. Our latest additions…GOATS! We now have baby goats available on the grounds for our guests to enjoy or perhaps include in a goat-petting cocktail hour!.

Vow Renewals
We Specialize in All-Inclusive

At first, we thought all-inclusive meant just having all the infrastructure ready to go for the couple, so what looks like such a simply beautiful, largely outdoor wedding could be as clean and simple as the lines of the tent.  There should be no hassles about getting in all the infrastructure and having it ready for your wedding. We did not want to witness a rental truck showing up at the last minute and a mom or bridesmaid, or the couple themselves, setting up chairs and tables–even mowing the yard–on the morning of the wedding.  These were all things Jeanne witnessed repeatedly over the years. No wonder people were exhausted before their wedding even began…