Our 6800 sf reception tent, complete with cathedral window sidewalls, heaters and fans as needed, lighting, vintage furniture and more is perfect for up to 225 guests and makes a lovely backdrop for your event.

There is little to compare with the simple elegance of a tented wedding reception.  It looks so simple, and it is, when you have a company that already has the tent there waiting for you, along with all the infrastructure needed to make your event the success you desire.  There’s no need to think through every individual item that is needed to create this festive space. We already have it for you, with nothing forgotten. Plus, our architectural tent is beautiful and unique.  There are only a few of this kind in the country. People tell us the style reminds them of the Sydney Australia Opera House or the Denver airport. It has those elegant lines that are difficult to forget. It makes a statement.  


Likewise, we want your celebration to be perfect and to reflect your personality as a couple. Our wedding tent is a canvas for your creativity and personal style, and our event manager will work with you to create the perfect ambiance for your reception.

When considering an outdoor wedding or a farm or garden wedding, there are many factors that come into play:  Will you opt for the security of an indoor site but sacrifice the naturalness that comes with a tented reception?  Might all the ways we have worked to insure that your reception is comfortable and safe allow you to feel secure if the weather doesn’t turn out to be the best ever on your wedding day?  Consider for instance, that our tent is attached to the ground with 25’ earth anchors and sits upon a 6800 sf concrete floor. Certainly, it will not be possible to ignore the weather but, thankfully statistics suggest that, more often than not, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors on your wedding day instead of wrestling with it.  But even if you do end up having a rainy day, a slightly cooler than average day, or a day with a little bit more than just a breeze, you will be in a space that feels intimate because, first of all, you have each other, secondly you are surrounded by family and friends, and thirdly, you have a staff of people who know what to do to enable you and your guests to have fun, no matter what.  


Whether you are thinking about your wedding in the spring with its gentle breezes, in the heat of a mountain summer when average temperatures only get to 84 degrees, the fall with the changing of the leaves, or the early part of winter when the evergreens on the property provide a contrast to the hibernating gardens, you will find that our reception tent is ready to match the season you choose.