We nurture every blossom.

Hidden River is pleased to offer lovely, locally grown, seasonal flower decorations to our couples.  From May until the first frost, most of the flowers we use are grown on our own farm or we purchase from other local growers.  We do not charge for the flowers included in the basic package, just the labor to create your beautiful flowers, thereby saving our couples $1000’s of dollars on floral decor.  We have a collection of decor items that are free to use, whether you use our design services or not. In short, we make flowers a beautiful and reasonable part of your overall expenditure.


The basic flower decorations inclusion in our packages consists of 3 bouquets, 3 boutonnieres, all table decor, and cake flowers when your event is over 49 people in size.  If it is less than 50 people, the personals are decreased to 1 bouquet and 1 boutonniere, but everything else remains the same.


We offer elegant additions at ⅕ the cost of any other commercial florist, including full floral arbor pieces, Flower dog collars, head pieces, wrist cuff corsages and more are among the options you can add, if you so desire, all at competitive costs.