The most fulfilling parts of my life as a minister is to celebrate the love of others.

As a most central part of your nuptials, the question of who will officiate your wedding is sometimes the last to be asked.  Increasingly, couples find themselves together but not connected to a particular faith community and the thought of having a justice of the peace to wed you can seem more sterile than you would like.  Trusted friends are often asked to officiate, and they go online to get their certification for this role. They know you well but they may not be completely comfortable with the role. So, what do you do?


At Hidden River, if you need an officiant, the owner of our venue, Jeanne Sommer, is likely an option to consider.  With over 32 years experience of officiating weddings, she brings a depth of experience along with the wisdom to follow her own childrens’ advice: “Mom:  Don’t try to be funny.” She has found that humor typically finds its way without having to force it. Her ceremonies are characterized by authenticy, joy, and her sincere efforts to get to know our couples and reflect their stories to those who have gathered to celebrate with them.  It is what she loves most and does best. Guests, upon arriving at the tent after the ceremony, are often heard saying it was the most beautiful, sometimes the most unusual, ceremony they have ever experienced. One person told the bartender: “I thought for a moment that I was peeking into a window witnessing something truly intimate.  It was real. I think I just saw two people actually get married though I’ve been to 100’s of weddings.” That’s high praise.


Jeanne writes this about her work:

Since 1987, when I first began celebrating marriages, I have found this to be one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. To have the chance to work with couples as they make this major transition in their lives is indeed a privilege. My philosophy is this: if couples come to the point of marrying, it is likely that they are already betrothed to one another in their hearts. The marriage celebration is a public affirmation of a personal covenant. Some couples express this bond with reference to God, others do not. Sometimes one person in the marriage is more overtly religious or spiritual than the other. Marriages these days are not as simple as they perhaps once were when overt religiosity and a church wedding were the norm.


My job is to help couples to share this very private part of their lives with their friends and families. To express why it is that two people have found in one another a suitable life’s partner is a challenging task that words alone cannot easily convey. I love this challenge. I spend time talking with the couple about why they love each other, how they met, their hopes and their dreams for their union. ~ Jeanne Sommer


Most of the time Jeanne is busy at work on the farm, but she also travels off site to officiate.  If you are interested in her services, at Hidden River Events or beyond, just contact us and tell us our wedding date and ceremony location.

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