Ways To Reveal New Engagements and Celebrate in 2021

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Ways To Reveal New Engagements and Celebrate in 2021

Most proposals take place over the holidays, and a global pandemic has not changed that tradition. However, what has changed is how to reveal and celebrate a new engagement. We have some tips for sharing and celebrating that new ring and announcing your engagement in 2021.


TikTok Reveal

Tik Tok was usually reserved for choreographed dance routines and pet videos, but during Covid, it has become much more. Use filters, music, movie clips, and yes-your pets to make a creative announcement. To build viewers and excitement, let everyone know in advance that your clip is going to drop. Make sure you download it for posterity-you will want to play it at your 20th-anniversary party.


Instagram Reveal


Even if you don’t reveal the news of your engagement on Instagram, you will need to post the classic #ringfie (the ring selfie). You have a few options to choose from for an Instagram announcement. Equally important is a snap of the couple with the ring in full view. Equally important is a pic of the actual proposal. Notably, to create excitement among your followers, record a quick Instagram story to alert everyone you are about to drop some important news.


Zoom Engagement Party

Now that you have announced the engagement properly, how do you celebrate it? With in-person parties still off-limits in most areas, couples have to get creative. If you are the one proposing, arrange a Zoom party in advance right after the proposal. Your partner can share the news with everyone right away. A good Zoom host will have already sent snacks and drinks to everyone invited so they can all share the moment. A great host also has sent souvenirs of the event like glassware or a custom cocktail for the occasion.


Another fun option growing in popularity during the pandemic is the drive-by. Again, the person doing the proposing organizes a drive-by of family and friends to express their congratulations from a safe distance. The reverse is also popular. Take drive-by local friends and family to show off the ring from a safe distance.

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