4 Signs You Are Getting Engaged for Christmas and How to Prepare Accordingly

4 Signs You Are Getting Engaged for Christmas and How to Prepare Accordingly

Christmas is the leading time of year to get engaged (if you read our blog last month you can see the stats https://www.hiddenriverevents.com/holiday-proposal-tips/).  31% of engagements take place between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day-that beats out the supposedly most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day that only boasts 12% of proposals. If you are in a relationship and are thinking an engagement may be imminent and want to be camera and reaction ready, here are some signs to look for.

1. ANY mention, hint, questions about ring finger size.

That is the giveaway, this also includes being caught looking through your jewelry box. If a friend that knows your suitor brings it up, still a sign. Men through the ages have enlisted friends and family to ensure the ring they chose does not disappoint. There is nothing worse than proposing on the beach with a drone filming overhead and the ring is too small for the all important “Look, he put a ring on it!” shot. Make sure your nails have fresh nailpolish in a shade that will go with all metals.

2. Nervousness.

The biggest sign can be lost in the holiday frenzy of life. Your flame may have gone through plenty of trouble to set up a special moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. Even the most confident gentleman does not want to end up going viral because he dropped the ring into the picturesque koi pond, lightning struck at the wrong moment, you eat the ring that was slipped into your flaming dessert, you say no…the possibilities for things to go wrong are only limited by his imagination. If you notice he is more nervous than usual around the Christmas…start practicing surprised looks of adoration that will photograph well from all angles. Gentleman callers usually take a knee so be prepared to look amazing while looking down-practice, it’s harder than it sounds.

3. Has your boyfriend recently stopped making in game purchases on GTA or Fortnite?

Has he been making coffee at home, preferring Netflix and chilling to going out, or talking about saving money? While not the biggest sign of an impending engagement, changes in spending habits are a sign. A ring costing thousands of dollars can make a Suze Orman out of anyone. Support his new found attitude of fiscal responsibility, he’s probably investing in you!

4. Change of attitude towards weddings

Another subtle clue to look for is his attitude toward weddings. Instead of lamenting the loss of another friend to marriage, is he critiquing their venue? Instead of looking forward to the open bar, is he more interested in what band they chose and the quality of the catering? That’s a big sign that he is thinking about his own nuptials. If he has any opinion about wedding theme or colors-get a manicure immediately and touch up those roots!

If you have noticed one or a combination of these signs then you are in the high risk category of being in the 31% getting engaged this Christmas. Once that ring is on your finger and that Instagram moment is posted it is all about the wedding. The biggest obstacle is deciding on a venue and having it booked in time for that spring wedding. Hidden River Events is looking out for the high risk potential brides this wedding season with a March Madness special. Just as the snow is melting, the flowers are starting to bloom, you can be ready to “I do” with your dream mountain wedding at Hidden River Events. Contact us now so you will be ready for the avalanche of questions from family and friends asking “when and where” December 26.

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