Wedding Trends: Autumn Weddings in the Mountains

Wedding Trends: Autumn Weddings in the Mountains

Main Header and thumbnail image “Ginko Glory” taken on Wall Street, in Downtown Asheville by artist Carolina Lebar

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Autumn Weddings in the Mountains are just so Magical!

If this year is a preview of how the leaf-peeping season will be next year, having Autumn Weddings in the Mountains of western North Carolina and the Asheville area, will become increasingly popular. The golden light that shines through the colors of the leaves, offers nature’s perfect lighting. The land seems to glow and everything feels magic.

The weather is ideal.

Autumn weddings in the mountains are the perfect in-between in terms of weather. It’s no longer hot and humid like it is during summer, but it’s also not yet dry and cold like it is in winter. It also tends to be less rainy, which lends itself to the most ideal climate for an outdoor ceremony.  Not only will outdoor autumn weddings in the mountains save guests from sweating through the ceremony, but the lack humidity will make for “Perfect Hair Days!”

The flower options are endless.

The colors and available blooms for this time of year is nothing short of stunning. There are rich reds, deep burgundies, golds, plums, oranges and different tones of greenery. So many opportunities to play with in terms of texture, volume and richness. You can consider incorporating natural textural elements such as moss, bark and pine cones!

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