Keeping Everything In Perspective: Joey & Jamie

Keeping Everything In Perspective: Joey & Jamie

Joey believes he is blessed because he gets to wake up each day and be with someone who loves him unconditionally.  Jamie is thankful for Joey because he helps her to relax and enjoy life.  They met through athletics at Livingstone College. Joey fell in love with Jamie at first site and seven years later, they walked down the aisle in our tent at Hidden River on a slightly rainy afternoon.  But the rain didn’t stay around and they were able to get out on the property and take wedding photos at various spots.

Blue and White comprised their color scheme and flowers included pure white dahlias from our garden and fresh limelight hyrdrangeas.  They chose to do something with our metal lanterns that I’d never seen done:  they placed their flowers ON TOP of the lanterns and it turned out beautifully.  Everyone seems to find a unique way to add their signature to an event.

 Rain was a factor until just when their ceremony ended on their July 13, 2017 wedding day.  We used our “Plan C” and had everything ready in the tent for the ceremony, which, when this happens, feels very intimate.  

What struck us most about Joey and Jamie were their kind and generous hearts.  They both have learned from life and have placed things in perspective.  It’s not “things” that matter to them, but people do matter.  While they say they are yin to each other’s yang, they also match quite well with their humility, their giving natures, their competitive spirits, and their true love for each other.

Congratulations, Jamie and Joey!