Popular Wedding Cake Ideas for 2023

Popular Wedding Cake Ideas for 2023

As the wedding industry returns to more regular times following the health crises of years passed, big weddings and all they entail are back. Wedding trends for 2023 reflect the return to significant, luxurious events, especially regarding the cake. The cake is a focal point for the reception and should be as individual as the couple it represents. These are our favorites of the wedding cake trends we hope to see in 2023.

Extra Grand Wedding Cakes

Big weddings are back and need a cake that makes a statement. Extra grand wedding cakes need to be as decadent on the outside as they are delicious. Look for towering cakes with tons of details that create a focal point for the reception. These cakes are insta-worthy as well as perfect cake-cutting photo opportunities.

Waterfall Spiral Cakes

Fresh florals and fondant décor have taken a more complex turn with waterfall spiral cakes. The cakes use spun sugar threads, structured swirls, fondant, and flowers to create a structured spiral waterfall effect. The feel these cakes evoke is a romantic whimsy your guests will love.

Ultra Textured

Ultra-textured, multi-tiered, monochromatic wedding cakes are taking 2023 by storm. These cakes are unique, with multiple tiers of different sizes and textures created by palette knives, brush strokes, stencils, gold foil, and crinkled paper. Inspired by minimalist art, it is a spectacular feast for the eyes when done well.

Metallic Cakes

If you are looking for a cake that shimmers and sparkles, metallic cakes are the 2023 trend you need. These cakes exude glamour and sophistication. They are made with gold leaf and painted tiers that can seamlessly fit into your wedding decor.

Pressed Flowers

Brides love to use natural blooms to decorate their wedding cake. A twist on the usual blossoms is to use pressed flowers on your cake. Pressed flowers add color to a neutral or white wedding cake. Used in patterns and garlands, they accentuate the cake’s tiers.

Hand Painted Cakes

Hand painted cakes are where art meets pastry. These cakes are a unique and personal touch to any wedding. They can also be anything a bride wants: color, theme, and design. Use florals and metallics to accessorize your cake for an elegant look.

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