Romantic Weddings (‘Tis the Season!)

Romantic Weddings in Asheville

Romantic Weddings (‘Tis the Season!)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means ROMANCE. Romantic weddings are always in style and trending. Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Creating your romantic wedding is easy when you draw on the things that create romance in your relationship.  A candlelit dinner. A walk in the woods holding hands with your love. A weekend getaway to the mountains. To create a romantic wedding of your dreams-draw on what you found romantic while courting and bring those elements to your special day.

A Romantic Setting

You should find a venue that feels romantic to you. If you love long walks in the woods-recreate that with a natural setting. Open-air settings allow you to bring in natural elements of the outdoors.  A babbling brook, a majestic tree, and beautiful vistas create breathtakingly romantic settings for a romantic wedding. Recreate that special candlelit dinner with a romantic tent wedding with tables full of candles. Tent weddings have an aura of mystery to them. Combine a crisp white tent with hanging greenery and candlelight to create a romantic setting for your wedding. Once you have the perfect romantic setting, the details are easy.


Romantic decor can be individual to the couple but some palettes naturally lend themselves toward romance.  Light and airy colors palettes with just a hint of a color like a blush of pink create a romantic mood. Candlelight and lush, natural greenery can create a romantic mood.  Altars that feel like an extension of your location can create a feeling of romance. A romantic mountain wedding with a chuppah draped with an abundance of blooms creates a romance inspired setting.  

Attention to Details

As in life, romance is found in the unexpected details. So, details like pinks, ivory, flowers, touches of metallic and natural textures used together to create a sense of romance.  An invitation on floral paper, classic calligraphy, all begin to set the tone for romance.  So a wedding set in a natural setting with tons of flowers and greenery add to that romantic theme.  Simple touches like wicker baskets for the flower girls, hand painted fans for guests, and a touch of lace in a bouquet are little surprises that create excitement are romantic touches.  

Hidden River Events specializes in romantic weddings. With seven natural sites for your ceremony from gardens to mountain vistas. At Hidden River Events they grow their own flowers to create that natural romantic setting. Their old surrey pulled by Doctor Love can be an unexpected surprise for guests. Top it off with candles, tents, and a staff dedicated to the details of your romantic wedding.  

Romantic Anecdotes from Past WEddings at Hidden River

Hidden River Events has witnessed its share of romantic moments at their weddings. There was the groom so overcome by the moment that he momentarily forgot where he was. When he met his bride at the altar he wrapped his arms around her and planted a passionate kiss. Another romantic gesture was for a recently bereaved bride. Her father had passed before the wedding so she was grieving and feeling forlorn before the wedding. Her fiance rode in the surrey with her and escorted her down the aisle. He wanted her to know that he would always be at her side. One romantic groom wrote love letters for his bride that he gave her the day of the wedding. Not just a letter for that day but letters for the years to come. As a result, they would always remember the love they shared from the first day of marriage. Romance manifests in different ways for different people but life would be so ordinary without it.


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