Hidden River Events: Bride Spotlight

Hidden River Events: Bride Spotlight

We meet some amazing people at Hidden River Events and would love to share their stories. We will be shining a spotlight on engaged couples, brides, and grooms planning weddings with us. How are they caring for each other? What conversations about marriage are taking place or have shifted? What are they recognizing about themselves and each other in their relationship? This week we check in with bride-to-be Emily. Emily has found peace and purpose in the midst of pandemic fear and uncertainty.

Our First Bride Spotlight

Emily, our first Bride Spotlight,  is many things when not staying home and staying safe. She is engaged, a mom to four kids, a photographer, a college undergrad, and a blogger in Western North Carolina. She is a self-described introvert and empath who is using her blog to share her experiences. Emily calls her blog EMPerfect.

She writes a Blog!

In her blog EMPerfect, Emily discusses a variety of issues. She gives Keto tips for people that have suffered brain injuries, explores the ideas of negative bias and how it affects self-esteem, and has shared some of her tips and experiences for quarantining.

Positivity during uneasy times

Emily began the at-home experience with what she describes as the “sweet, summer child optimism.”  As someone who prefers the comforts of home and social distancing during normal times, she gives some good advice on how to fill the days at home and keep your sanity. Her tips range from just getting outside, reading a book, and picking up a new hobby. She encourages positive acts like adopting a new pet and working in a garden to sow positivity in an unprecedented time of fear and anxiety.

Family is so important

Her approach to homeschooling and staying home during this unprecedented time is to create positive memories for her family. She wants them to look back at this time and remember gardening, playing and enjoying the outdoors rather than fear, change, and loneliness. Emily has a very positive outlook on the resiliency of kids during this time. “Children rarely remember the things adults remember or think are important.” With that in mind, she focuses on things kids will remember-feeling loved and family fun.

We found great inspiration and positivity in her posts, which is why we chose Emily to be our first Bride Spotlight!

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