Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

The Local Flowers Movement

There’s a reason #grownnotflown is trending, people are realizing the importance of sourcing wedding flowers ethically and sustainably. For years, large-scale floral producers have monopolized the market with little care about their environmental impact. Today, more than ever, florists and consumers are more conscious of this fact and have started to look for sustainable alternatives.

At Hidden River Events we are proud to say we nurture every blossom by growing them on-site, in our beautiful flower fields. From May until the first frost, most of the flowers we use are grown on our own farm or we purchase from other local growers. We do not charge for the flowers included in the basic package, just the labor to create your beautiful wedding flowers, thereby saving our couples $1000’s of dollars on floral decor. We have a collection of decor items that are free to use, whether you use our design services or not. In short, we make wedding flowers a beautiful and reasonable part of your overall expenditure.

Nothing adds that special touch like having a face-to-face conversation with the person who planted, cared for, and arranged your flowers. We think your experience with flowers should reflect the personal nature of weddings. Fresh flowers enhance your special day with joy, beauty, sentiment, and flair. Because of this, each wedding we perform is totally different. Each flower is hand-selected, trimmed, and expertly arranged after much consideration and planning.

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