Monday Weddings in Asheville

Monday Weddings in Asheville

Why Monday Weddings in Asheville?

Yet another reason to have Monday weddings with us. In the past few years, Asheville has become THE hotspot for tourism and transplants. A result of constant positive write ups. Hailed as the best travel destination for Foodies, Beer Connoisseurs, Music, Art, Mountain Sports (the list goes on and on). It’s no surprise then, when visiting Asheville on a weekend, you will find long lines; streets will be crowded; parking downtown will be non-existent; hiking trails will be overrun with foot traffic.

Why not visit Monday-Wednesday? Recently, one of our Hidden River team members did just that. She had a friend come into town and they spent Monday leisurely walking through downtown after finding a primo parking spot right away. They were able to browse in and out of galleries, boutiques and grab a fantastic lunch at one of the most popular eateries without a reservation!

We would recommend this strategy for your Monday wedding; not only does scheduling your wedding on a weekday save you money with us, but your guests will have a much better time seeing all that Asheville has to offer without the annoyance of dealing with crowds.

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