Elopements, Minimony, and the Micro Wedding

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Elopements, Minimony, and the Micro Wedding

Planning a wedding can always be difficult to coordinate and plan. Never before have couples had so much more to deal with in the process. Covid-19 has postponed Spring and Summer weddings for over a million brides worldwide. From Katie Perry to Princess Beatrice people are trying to navigate 2020 weddings with varying degrees of success. Parts of the country are opening up as we approach June and crowd restrictions are easing back to allow 10-50 people in different places. This makes brides everywhere wonder–can I still have my summer wedding?

The answer is YES! There are some new trends this wedding season to keep love alive in the times of Covid-19. Elopements are always popular but never more so than now. Elopements are usually planned quickly with a minimum of extravagance. They are a great alternative with their traditionally small guest lists and ease of planning quickly.

The hottest new trend: Minimonies

The new wedding trend of the summer is “The Minimony”. Unlike elopements that are traditionally small affairs, spur of the moment, and cloaked in secrecy, the minimony is a small wedding with a sequel wedding sometime in the future. Brides can use technology to Zoom or live stream the minimony for family and friends. The sequel wedding can be planned and held when the safety of such events are more certain. Brides are looking to 2021 and 2022 for wedding dates so the minimony is a good option for couples that are ready to start their lives together now.

The micro wedding is similar to the minimony. The micro wedding is the full wedding experience for a group under 50. Couples will need to pare down their guest list but with the reward being the full wedding event during Summer 2020. The most popular venues are outdoors where social distancing is not hard to work into the wedding. For couples who want the full experience they planned for, this may be the right option.

Whichever of these you choose, Hidden River Events has the perfect event space to accommodate your private elopement, open-air minimony, and micro wedding this summer wedding season. Schedule a virtual tour with us now and see for yourself!

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At first, we thought all-inclusive meant just having all the infrastructure ready to go for the couple, so what looks like such a simply beautiful, largely outdoor wedding could be as clean and simple as the lines of the tent.  There should be no hassles about getting in all the infrastructure and having it ready for your wedding. We did not want to witness a rental truck showing up at the last minute and a mom or bridesmaid, or the couple themselves, setting up chairs and tables–even mowing the yard–on the morning of the wedding.  Jeanne has witnesse all of these things repeatedly over the years. People were becoming exhausted before their wedding even began.