Fun Ways to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Fun Ways to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Your dog is always there for you and an essential member of your family. As a treasured family member, your dog should naturally be a part of your wedding. From accompanying you down the aisle to the first dance, there are many ways to honor your dog and make them a part of the big day.

Get Ready Together

Your dog watches you get ready every day, why should your wedding day be any different? Get ready together, including your pooch in the bridal suite, and make sure the photographer gets some good pics.


Here Comes the Dog

Your dog should dress for the occasion as well. A custom leash to match the wedding decor is a must. Consider a special dog bearer to join the ring bearer and flower girl leading your dog down the aisle.


Don’t Forget the Flowers

Dogs like to get gussied up for special occasions as well. Whether they are the Groom’s best friend or a maid of honor, dogs can dress their part. Dogs can match the bouquets with a custom collar.


Dress For Success

If your dog is ok with wearing clothes, you can outfit them to match the wedding party. Some dog lovers like to keep the dog at the altar for their vows or have a reserved front-row seat.


Say Cheese!

Make sure to include your dog in wedding and family pictures. You can also add your pup in the first dance on the dance floor. Don’t forget a special meal for your four-legged guests at the reception.


Drink Up

You can include your dog in the reception in other ways as well. Your dog should have a signature cocktail named after them.

Wedding Chalkboard Signature Drink Sign with Pet Signature image 0

Party Favors

You can send home treat bags as wedding favors for everyone’s fur babies that did not attend. You can also get a local bakery to make cookies that look like your dog.

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