Winter Wedding Proposal Ideas to Wow in 2020

Winter Wedding Proposal Ideas to Wow in 2020

The holidays are a magical time of year. Maybe it’s the magic of winter weather, the lights, the special events, and gift-giving. Whatever it is, the holidays are when most people get engaged. For this reason, there are so many romantic ways to get engaged during the holidays besides just popping the question. Here are some memorable winter wedding proposal ideas to try over the holidays that may lead to winter weddings later!

Winter Wedding Proposal: Snow

Suppose you live in a palace that gets regular snowfall-use it for your winter wedding proposal. Specifically, let the snow do the asking! Bonus points if you can light with candles. With this in mind, time is of the essence as melting and more snow can make your question disappear.

Propose While Tree Trimming

There are several ways to make tree trimming a romantic winter wedding proposal. You can simply hand a velvet bag with the ring in it to your betrothed while hanging ornaments. You can hang the ring on an ornament and wait for your love to find it. Also, create a tree representative of your relationship adorned with notes, ornaments that represent facets of your combined experiences and finish it topped with the engagement ring.

Say It With Lights

Nothing says romantic proposal like letting romantic lights say it for you. It is also one of the most photogenic ways to propose. To create an Insta worthy moment, use Christmas lights, fairy lights, or candles in the perfect location. Equally important, get creative with your locale-the rooftop of her favorite restaurant, the park you both frequent, or any spot that has meaning to you both. Also, you will probably need to enlist help to make this happen, so make sure you pick someone you can trust.

New Years Count Down

For this proposal, all you need is New Year’s Eve. This can happen in the middle of a crowded party or the intimacy of your own home. If you decide to propose at a New Year’s Eve party, enlist guests to help with your proposal. As everyone counts down, have everyone stop at 3. That’s when you get down on one knee and propose at what would be 1. If successful, you have quite an anniversary to celebrate every year at midnight for the rest of your lives.

New Year's Proposal

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